North GA Soccer Academy Fees

We keep it simple at CFA

$150 a season club fee (covers registration, insurance, admin fees)

$150 uniform kit (includes home and away, shorts, socks and practice jersey)

-optional warm ups and back packs packages are available

Training fees will vary depending on number of sessions a week and level of trainer ($30-$50 per month)- all NGSA members can attend any 2 practice sessions a week with club trainers at any locations(must be skill level appropriate)

Other fees aka “team fees” will be necessary and handled at the team level. The exact amount will depend on your team’s game and travel activity. Tournament registration fees, league fees and other such team specific fees are the responsibility of the parents of each player on the team and are collected separately by the Team Manager and/or Treasurer. Individual travel expenses will be the responsibility of each family. We will work with the Manager and Treasurer before the start of each season to help them create a  transparent budget specific to each team’s needs.